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Effects on Environment

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Effects on Environment

It used to be an absolutely beautiful place. Unfortunately they've clear-cutted everything. All the trees are gone from the bottom of the hills right up to the highest point. So every evening there is a down pour of rain and it's torrential. So all of that rain washes all of the topsoil from the tops of the hills all the way down and it just cascades all the way through the streets and flows right into the oceans. So all the topsoil is gone. They can't grow anything. All that topsoil is now in the ocean and it's destroying the coral reefs, pushing the fish stocks farther and farther away and their little boats aren't capable of getting farther and farther away for fishing. So it's a, it's a ever evolving disaster until someone, you know, really gets it together. Plant trees, and show them how to work again and I don't know. I don't know where to start. It's so vast. It's so vast. It's to me hopeless.

Mr. Vaillancourt describes the rain storms and effects it had on the living conditions.

Marc Vaillancourt

Mr. Vaillancourt was born April 22, 1957 in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. After high school, Mr. Vaillancourt was interested in receiving a trade and with the desire to live the adventure of the military, age 19, he decided to join. At this time, Mr. Vaillancourt trained as a vehicle technician and joined with the Elelctricial Mechanical Engineer branch. Mr. Vaillacourt held rank as Master Warrant Officer. In 1990 Mr. Vaillacourt’s postings began as part of the 12th Armoured Regiment with a tour to Cyprus and in 1997 was part of a unit that travelled to Haiti; a specialized tour organized in Ottawa with only 5 soldiers in command. Mr. Vaillancourt was discharged from the military and now resides in Barrie, Ontario with his family.

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Marc Vaillancourt
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Canadian Armed Forces
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