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Back into Family Life

You have to re-incorporate yourself with family life which is something you never had to worry about for the past “x” number of months so... You're not just working for yourself and taking care of your clothes in your kit and stuff. You have to now share your life with your kids and your wife. Coming out of Haiti, being as bitter as I was, was a very tough time for my wife because, you know she, for a while I never asked her really but I should ask her if she thought I was turning into a racist or something. It was just I was so bitter with the place that the adjustment took time. And then over the years, the memories caused more problems like anxiety and so on so forth. So getting that analysed and wondering what was going on and finding out that, witnessing things and seeing things has an impact on a mind and on a person. Interviewer: And did you feel the military itself was there to support you? Amazingly yes. Amazingly, I mean they were great. No time ever was I ever without help in any way, anywhere. So yeah they were great. It was tougher, tougher adjusting to civilian life without the military safety net than anything else.

Mr. Vaillancourt reflects on his attitudes when returning home and getting back into civilian life.

Marc Vaillancourt

Mr. Vaillancourt was born April 22, 1957 in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. After high school, Mr. Vaillancourt was interested in receiving a trade and with the desire to live the adventure of the military, age 19, he decided to join. At this time, Mr. Vaillancourt trained as a vehicle technician and joined with the Elelctricial Mechanical Engineer branch. Mr. Vaillacourt held rank as Master Warrant Officer. In 1990 Mr. Vaillacourt’s postings began as part of the 12th Armoured Regiment with a tour to Cyprus and in 1997 was part of a unit that travelled to Haiti; a specialized tour organized in Ottawa with only 5 soldiers in command. Mr. Vaillancourt was discharged from the military and now resides in Barrie, Ontario with his family.

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Marc Vaillancourt
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