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The ROE Card

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Well I'd never heard of rules of engagement I mean you watched the movie and stuff like that, but to actually have a card that would dictate to you when it would be appropriate to shoot somebody or shoot at somebody was different. Going over there, we had been told that our rules of engagement were one of the most laxed rules of engagement. And really regardless of the rules of engagement we all had or a lot of the people I know had the you'd sooner be judged by twelve than carried by six. That was the mentality with a lot of people over there, it never came to pass. I mean a lot of times I was very close at shooting at people or having to shoot at a vehicle or whatnot and it was just a card. You didn't really take it out and look at it and read it before you go over and then it basically just stayed on the inside pocket of your uniform. Basically it's up to the soldier. I mean if you feel like you're going to be attacked or shot or something like that you are gonna need to defend yourself and regardless there is usually always an investigation that would follow anyways, so we just didn't really worry about the card.

At first unfamiliar with the rules of engagement, Mr. Morrison expresses his views on carrying the card while on duty.

Jody Morrison

Mr. Morrison was born September 24, 1974 in Swindon, England. At fifteen months of age, his family moved to Edmonton, Alberta. Jody’s father was in the military and his influence directed Jody to join the service. At age 16, Jody joined the army and trained as a supply technician. Being part of 1 Service Battalion, he served within Canada and in July 2004 travelled to Kabul, Afghanistan for a seven month tour. In 2007, with ten years military service, Jody was medically discharged from the army. He now resides in Kingston, Ontario with his two children.

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Veterans Affiars Canada
February 10, 2009
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Jody Morrison
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Canadian Armed Forces
1 Service Battalion
Supply Officer

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