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My Partner Almost Took my Bullet

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My Partner Almost Took my Bullet

I had almost, almost shot my infantry partner. We were sent out to clear a mud hut and it was very hard to see because we only had monoculars which only covers one eye, where the Americans have it's almost like the binocular that comes out into one so you are looking out of both eyes with them. Since he was the infanteer he went in to clear the hut and I would have to say that that was probably one of the scariest times of my tour over there because it was just me and him. There was nobody else with us, we were off the camp and he was in a hut and I honestly think had he of not waved his hand and spoke to me through our little section radios that he might of ate a bullet.

While called to clear a mud hut, Mr. Morrison describes the close call when a split second of communication made the difference.

Jody Morrison

Mr. Morrison was born September 24, 1974 in Swindon, England. At fifteen months of age, his family moved to Edmonton, Alberta. Jody’s father was in the military and his influence directed Jody to join the service. At age 16, Jody joined the army and trained as a supply technician. Being part of 1 Service Battalion, he served within Canada and in July 2004 travelled to Kabul, Afghanistan for a seven month tour. In 2007, with ten years military service, Jody was medically discharged from the army. He now resides in Kingston, Ontario with his two children.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 10, 2009
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Jody Morrison
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Canadian Armed Forces
1 Service Battalion
Supply Officer

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