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A hint that the war was over.

Heroes Remember

A hint that the war was over.

It’s the best time of my life, really, that (inaudible) because we knew there was something going on. There was big planes, the B-29’s and that flying by all day long and, you know, they didn’t bomb our place too much but they’d be going over. And you could hear them talking and we knew that they were scared. Something was going on. But how the Americans found our camp I don’t know but they found our camp and they started to drop food. Even the civilians didn’t know what was going on, you know. I feel sorry for the civilians because the civilians were starving just as much as we did but as far as eating, the Jap civilians didn’t have much to eat anyway. Everything went for the army.

Mr. Leblanc recalls the end of the war and discusses the lack of food for the Japanese civilian population.

Jean Leblanc

Jean Leblanc was born in New Richmond, Quebec in 1932. His mother died when he was only three years old and he lived with his father and brother until he joined the army in 1940 at 16 years of age. Mr. Leblanc admits that he really didn't know what the army was all about at the time of enlistment.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 2, 1999
Person Interviewed:
Jean Leblanc
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Royal Rifles of Canada

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