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Only Seconds to Make A Decision

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Only Seconds to Make A Decision

Interviewer: Each soldier in war has rules of engagement, Yes, Interviewer: Were they difficult to follow at times? Yes they were and it brings me back to one day a Turkish soldier was pointing his rifle at me and my magazine was in my pocket and he had his magazine on his rifle and he was cocking his rifle showing me that he had bullets in his rifle so, you know, I found out at that time my magazine should should have been on my rifle and at least I would have had a way of protecting myself which I didn’t. I had to use the radio and luckily that Turkish soldier that was pointing his rifle at me allowed me to use my radio and I was able to get a hold of the patrol in the area to come and check out what was going on. But, no the rules of engagement, it’s a big thing and they weren’t exactly what you would expect. You are in a war zone; you would think that you would have your magazine on your rifle with a bullet in the chamber. I understand about security and that but, you know, security after you have been pointed a rifle it’s long past over so... Interviewer: And you only have seconds to make that decision. Only have seconds, either you make the wrong decision or you make the right decision.

Mr. Villeneuve describes a situation where his life was in danger, weapon pointed at him by a Turkish soldier yet respecting the rules of engagement.

George Villeneuve

George Villeneuve was born February 4, 1964 in Ottawa, Ontario. At 17 years of age, he made the choice to join the military and became a part of the Infantry 031, Royal 22e Regiment as part of a Recce Platoon 3rd Battalion. In 1985 he travelled to Cyprus as a driver for the Operational Service Officer. Following this tour, Mr. Villeneuve accepted tours to Bosnia and Golan Heights holding occupation as driver. After years of service, Mr. Villeneuve was medically discharged from the army with PTSD. He has accepted assistance for his condition and has welcomed Vardo - a service dog and true companion into his home. Mr. Villeneuve is enjoying life again and resides with his family in Ottawa.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
November 21, 2013
Person Interviewed:
George Villeneuve
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Canadian Armed Forces
Royal 22e Régiment

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