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Choosing Not to Provide to the Children

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Choosing Not to Provide to the Children

Well from Cyprus I ended up going to, it was Israel. I went to Israel, Golan Heights. I was the CO, the commander of bases’ driver down there. And it’s almost practically the same routine that I would do. I would go and meet him in the morning and find out what we had to do during the day. Either we had some travelling to do to Tel Aviv or Hypha or if we had to go to the Syrian side to Damascus, you were prepared on all of those and also to meet other contingents of United Nations, the Polish, the Finish. It’s always when you are driving, there are children always running after your vehicle. They want you to throw them something or give them something. It’s very, very dangerous. I have found out in all of my tours that, except for Cyprus, that the children, they are always after your vehicle. They want some food, they want some gifts. It’s heart wrenching because you can’t give them anything. You could but if you give them something it is just going to make it worse for the other drivers in the back because they are going to try to get something from them also. And what happened, you could get hit or have an accident so if you don’t give them anything, they’ll step away. You know, you tell them no, you don’t have anything. They don’t understand that. They really want to have food or they want to have their crayons for school or anything.

Similar to all missions, Mr. Villeneuve describes the presence of the children and their constant begging, yet soldier’s decision not to provide in fear of their lives and the children’s.

George Villeneuve

George Villeneuve was born February 4, 1964 in Ottawa, Ontario. At 17 years of age, he made the choice to join the military and became a part of the Infantry 031, Royal 22e Regiment as part of a Recce Platoon 3rd Battalion. In 1985 he travelled to Cyprus as a driver for the Operational Service Officer. Following this tour, Mr. Villeneuve accepted tours to Bosnia and Golan Heights holding occupation as driver. After years of service, Mr. Villeneuve was medically discharged from the army with PTSD. He has accepted assistance for his condition and has welcomed Vardo - a service dog and true companion into his home. Mr. Villeneuve is enjoying life again and resides with his family in Ottawa.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
November 21, 2013
Person Interviewed:
George Villeneuve
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Canadian Armed Forces
Golan Heights
Royal 22e Régiment

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