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Leaving the Port of Halifax

Heroes Remember - Gulf War

Leaving the Port of Halifax

It was a very emotional time because, as you know, we were told we didn’t know how long we were going to go for. We knew that it was a troubled spot in the world and potential hostilities would be occurring and that there’s just so many unknowns. So when we were getting our lives, family and private affairs organized, a lot of people said that we’d be back before Christmas and that it would be over and done with and might even be over before we got there so there was lots of unknowns. And so when we were saying our farewells and not too many people talk about it but when people get up in the morning and go to work for the day and you hear about industrial accidents and people not coming home well this was sort of a situation where we are saying our farewells this time to our loved ones, we were sort of saying farewell. And it was sort of a very emotional time. And then when we saw the shoreline sort of packed with crowds of people sending us off it was just amazing; small boats and we couldn’t have asked for better weather that day too so it was a very emotional time.

Mr. Bathurst recalls embarking from the port of Halifax and remembers the emotions felt by the sailors in seeing the support of all the people as they bid farewell.

David Bathurst

Mr. David Bathurst was born March 21, 1951 in the United Kingdom. His father, being a member of the Royal Navy, saw a better future for his family in Canada and immigrated there and joined the Royal Canadian Navy. Following his father’s path, during his teenage years, he made the decision to enter military college and enrolled in Royal Military College as an officer cadet. Upon completing university he was immediately guaranteed employment and continued on to Esquimalt for training before moving back to the east coast and rose through the ranks to Executive Officer on board the HMCS Terra Nova, a key part of his career. Mr. Bathurst is now retired from the military and works as a real estate agent. He contributes his success in life to the elaborate training and experiences he had during his military career. Mr. Bathurst and family presently reside in the province of Nova Scotia.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 27, 2016
Person Interviewed:
David Bathurst
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Canadian Armed Forces
Persian Gulf
Gulf War
HMCS Terra Nova
Lieutenant commander

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