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Generosity of Others Boosted Morale

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Generosity of Others Boosted Morale

When the action or the activity was low or when we were able to we’d have a barbeque on the flight, well we didn’t have a flight deck, on the quarter deck and before hostilities started we had Wacky Wheatley and entertainers come out from Canada and visited the ships and put on a show for us on the ships and we had, I don’t know if you ever heard of General John Cabot Trail, he’s a comedian. He came out with the program and it boosted morale considerably. And also we had tons and tons and tons of mail. We had school kids from across Canada writing letters and cards to the sailors and the helicopter; back then we didn’t have the internet, we didn’t have email, we got our letters by mail drop and, you know, it was flown over. Surprisingly the mail arrived fairly quickly. If it timed right it would have sometimes we got letters within 24 to 36 hours but other times it could be a week or two weeks. So we would actually have our letters numbered so that you knew if you got a letter out of sequence, you know, when you wife is writing you a story or something and you’re missing some of the details, it was because you hadn’t received the letter before that so you knew whether you were missing a letter or not. But there was bags and bags and so many bags of mail that arrived that we ended up getting everybody in the ship taking a handful of cards and letters and responding to the school kids back home and it was a very, sort of, moving experience for the sailors to do that.

Mr. Bathurst speaks of the generosity of Canadians providing entertainment, gifts and thousands of letters to the sailors while at sea in the Persian Gulf.

David Bathurst

Mr. David Bathurst was born March 21, 1951 in the United Kingdom. His father, being a member of the Royal Navy, saw a better future for his family in Canada and immigrated there and joined the Royal Canadian Navy. Following his father’s path, during his teenage years, he made the decision to enter military college and enrolled in Royal Military College as an officer cadet. Upon completing university he was immediately guaranteed employment and continued on to Esquimalt for training before moving back to the east coast and rose through the ranks to Executive Officer on board the HMCS Terra Nova, a key part of his career. Mr. Bathurst is now retired from the military and works as a real estate agent. He contributes his success in life to the elaborate training and experiences he had during his military career. Mr. Bathurst and family presently reside in the province of Nova Scotia.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 27, 2016
Person Interviewed:
David Bathurst
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Canadian Armed Forces
Persian Gulf
Gulf War
HMCS Terra Nova
Lieutenant commander

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