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International Women's Day 2017

Minister of Veterans Affairs

International Women's Day 2017

A message from Minister Kent Hehr on International Women's Day

Picture of women soldiers.

Women have been proudly serving in Canada’s military for well over a century, both here at home and overseas.

Nurse treating soldiers.

But it was during the Second World War when things changed significantly for women.

A nurse treating a wounded man.

Women started to work more in positions previously only held by men.

Nurses speaking with servicemen in a military camp.

A picture of military nurses.

And they were now serving Canada in the war, on the front lines, working shoulder-to-shoulder with men in our military operations.

Women soldiers marching.

A lineup of servicewomen.

A servicewoman at a typewriter.

A servicewoman writing at a desk.

Women were changing the face of Canada’s military, showing the world what they were capable of and changing the way society looked at them.

Picture of Elise Gregory MacGill on the left. Picture of nursing sisters on the right.

Elise Gregory MacGill. First woman in the world to graduate as an aeronautical engineer. Nursing Sisters. More than 2,800 Canadian women served in the First World War.

Picture of Margaret Brooke on the left. Picture of Private Mary Greyeyes on the right.

Margaret Brooke. Displayed great courage during the Second World War. Private Mary Greyeyes. First woman of the First Nations to enlist in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Picture of Lieutenant Karen McCrimmon on the left. Picture of Corporal Marlene Shillingford on the right.

Lieutenant Karen McCrimmon. First female air navigator of the Canadian Armed Forces. Corporal Marlene Shillingford. First female member of the Snowbirds team.

Modern day servicewomen walking among male servicemen.

Modern day female, and male, military medics transporting a wounded person.

Minister Kent Hehr shaking the hand of a woman RCMP officer.

Female Canadian Armed Forces members in the field.

Female Canadian Armed Forces members returning home, shaking hands at airport.

The service, sacrifice and contributions of women that began over 100 years ago opened the door for women in the Canadian Armed Forces today and paved the way for change in Canada.

Minister Kent Hehr speaking with a female servicewoman.

A female Canadian Armed Forces member looks into the distance where there is a Canadian flag.

As we continue to diversify our Canadian Armed Forces, let’s move forward, bravely and boldly, together. #BeBoldForChange #EqualityMatters A message from the Government of Canada.

Wednesday, March 8th 2017 was International Women's Day

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March 8, 2017

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