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Cramped Quarters on Crusader

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Cramped Quarters on Crusader

We were taught that we were going to be sleeping in hammocks. We’d be sleeping and eating in mess decks where it was our accommodation and so we were prepared for that and everything went along good at first until we hit the heavy weather, real stormy weather. And when heavy weather hits like that they have to be very careful on the upper deck and so I have a problem getting food from the galley to where you are going to be eating your food. It had to come over on the upper deck in buckets and then served. It was challenging, you know, when you’re new and just learning and you had to be aware, you’re living in close quarters, your clothing are crammed into small lockers and when you come into port you’re going to maybe called upon to be on a guard where you take all your clothing out that you’re going to wear, your dress guard, you have to press and clean and shoe shine and everything and it’s so challenging when you’re in cramped quarters with small lockers to keep your clothing in.

Mr. Flett speaks about the adjustments that had to be made in relation to sleeping quarters and storage for all your personal belongings on board ship.

Victor Flett

Mr. Victor Flett was born September 5, 1928 in Selkirk, Manitoba. He was the youngest of five, with one sister and three brothers. At three years of age his mother passed and he was then raised by his grandmother. Living on “Grandfather’s land” and attending a one room schoolhouse, life for Mr. Flett was challenging although he considers it a great inspiration to his success in life. During his later years, Mr. Flett chose to join the navy and took part in the Korean War holding rank of ordinary seaman on board the HMCS Crusader with an occupation as sonar man. Mr. Flett retired after 33 years of service. He married, raised a family and now resides in his hometown of Sooke, British Columbia.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
April 3, 2017
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Victor Flett
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Korean War
HMCS Crusader
Ordinary Seaman
Sonar Man

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