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How Can I Be a Good Veteran?

Heroes Remember

How Can I Be a Good Veteran?

When I became a Veteran and joined the Veterans group, how can I be a good Veteran? During Remembrance Week leading up to Remembrance Day, the Royal Canadian Legion and the Veterans groups and this gentleman from Veterans Affairs set up information tables and displays in the Royal BC Museum and they advertised to have school children come in by whole classes to see the displays. Veterans are manning the tables. We answer questions and they go to a classroom and the Veterans are asked to go and speak to them. And so I was honoured to do that on behalf of Aboriginal Veterans and myself. They have an annual sunset ceremony and they have children come and each child is asked to place a Canadian flag on each of the graves, headstones and place a burning candle at sunset. And this is an annual event and the schools and the Girl Guides and Veterans all come together to do that. I have taken part in that and it is very, very, very meaningful. So with the youth the important thing in my mission in the Legion and Veterans Affairs is the Act of Remembrance. That is so important. And to have the youth and to have Veterans to cooperate. So Veterans Affairs, the Legion and the Veteran’s groups are open to do that and it’s so successful, so encouraging to see that.

Mr. Flett shares his personal opinions on how he and organizations can promote the importance of the Act of Remembrance.

Victor Flett

Mr. Victor Flett was born September 5, 1928 in Selkirk, Manitoba. He was the youngest of five, with one sister and three brothers. At three years of age his mother passed and he was then raised by his grandmother. Living on “Grandfather’s land” and attending a one room schoolhouse, life for Mr. Flett was challenging although he considers it a great inspiration to his success in life. During his later years, Mr. Flett chose to join the navy and took part in the Korean War holding rank of ordinary seaman on board the HMCS Crusader with an occupation as sonar man. Mr. Flett retired after 33 years of service. He married, raised a family and now resides in his hometown of Sooke, British Columbia.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
April 3, 2017
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Victor Flett
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Korean War
HMCS Crusader
Ordinary Seaman
Sonar Man

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