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On Patrol in Bosnia

Heroes Remember

We arrived in Bosnia and we were briefed very well prior to going there and we flew in and it was, we had an opportunity to fly around a little bit, and then you had a chance to travel. I mean the devastation, all the major sporting facilities were all totally destroyed and then again we had the opportunity to go around to do some, a little bit of patrol where our troops would have to go and, of course, because of the war there were still bodies laying around that, you know, in Canada you would have an awful hard time trying to understand that someone wouldn’t allow you to go in and give it a proper burial, but that’s war. If you can visualize a city like Toronto and all of a sudden everybody’s fighting in it and it’s totally destroyed. There’s nothing left, just the odd person in some hotel trying to survive.

Mr. Fraser describes the devastation of a city and how the civilian people are left with nothing.

James Fraser

Mr. Fraser was born February 25, 1946, in North Preston, Nova Scotia. After obtaining his high school education, Mr. Fraser decided on a career in the military and joined the army. In 1967, he accepted his first tour of duty to Cyprus followed by deployments to Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Golan Heights. In his very satisfying 34-year military career, Mr. Fraser achieved the rank of Command Chief Warrant Officer with the Canadian Forces. After his retirement, he returned to Nova Scotia with his family.

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James Fraser
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Canadian Armed Forces
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