A Clearly Defined Role

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A Clearly Defined Role

Every Canadian that goes on a mission makes a difference. It's part of our make up. You know, any place I've gone as a Canadian, we were well respected. Peacemaking makes it a little difficult because you're now going a different route, so you're going to sort of, you're not going to please everybody. But in peacekeeping at the time, the stage we were there, we were well respected as Canadians. We could basically go anywhere and nobody really bothered us. There were other units that were there, different nationalities, that would have some difficulty but we didn't have that because of the maple leaf.

Mr. Fraser explains the rules of engagement that all soldiers need to understand before going into action.

James Fraser

Mr. Fraser was born February 25, 1946, in North Preston, Nova Scotia. After obtaining his high school education, Mr. Fraser decided on a career in the military and joined the army. In 1967, he accepted his first tour of duty to Cyprus followed by deployments to Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Golan Heights. In his very satisfying 34-year military career, Mr. Fraser achieved the rank of Command Chief Warrant Officer with the Canadian Forces. After his retirement, he returned to Nova Scotia with his family.

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James Fraser
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Canadian Armed Forces
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