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Interviewer: When you use the term the ‘Cold War', can you explain that to us? It's, the Cold War was a time from the end of World War II, until, I believe it was 92', when the wall came down. It was a time when all forces, be they French, Belgie, Dutch, Canadian, American, German, were all poised along one line, all facing towards the east German border, the Czech border, to halt the advance of Russia if it decided to come across that border, to take over the rest of Europe. Russia wasn't too pleased at the end of World War II, on the gains that they were allowed to keep. And there was always a conflict, the problem with nuclear armament. One of our duties while in Europe was of course defence of the missile silos that carried the nuclear war heads, if they were ever needed. So it wasn't, it was a Cold war, it was a war of words. And for me I was very fortunate those words were nothing more than words. Not like my friends who had gone before, and had died on the battlefields in World War II and in the Korean Wars. I was very fortunate, very blessed.

Mr. Borchert explains how the cold war was a war of words, and how the conflict originated.

Ed Borchert

Mr. Borchert was born in 1944, in Red Deer, Alberta. In 1964, Mr Borchert joined the Forces at Currie Barracks in Calgary and became a member of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI).Throughout his 31 years of service, Mr. Borchert served overseas and in every province in Canada. He remains very proud of his service, and appreciative toward the Canadian military for the opportunities it provided him.Mr. Borchert ended his career as the Regimental Major of the PPCLI and began fighting for Veterans rights. Today he holds the position of president of the National Metis Veterans Association campaigning and working for his people to gain recognition and benefits for their military service to Canada.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Ed Borchert
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI)

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