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Interviewer: Your last day of service I'm sure that's a memorial, memorable day for you. Was there a celebration when it all comes to an end? I don't know really, because I never really quit serving. I, from, from the day I walked out of the service and took off my uniform, I'd, I had already begin, begun the fight for Veterans rights, for First Nation, for Metis. And the struggles that they were having and achieving some of the simplest things, out of, out of the government of Canada. Such things as having health care benefits being delivered to them in remote areas, having the equal opportunity to have VIP services, Veterans independent living, It means that brought forward to their community, somebody to come out and chop their wood. When they were so crippled up with arthritis, the man couldn't even hold an axe anymore, and he said, "All I need is somebody to split it." had a vision, and I stood in, out in my horse paddock in a different capacity, and that's what's so honourable.

Mr. Borchert describes how when he left the military, he didn’t stop serving. He continued serving in a different way, fighting for Veterans rights.

Ed Borchert

Mr. Borchert was born in 1944, in Red Deer, Alberta. In 1964, Mr Borchert joined the Forces at Currie Barracks in Calgary and became a member of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI).Throughout his 31 years of service, Mr. Borchert served overseas and in every province in Canada. He remains very proud of his service, and appreciative toward the Canadian military for the opportunities it provided him.Mr. Borchert ended his career as the Regimental Major of the PPCLI and began fighting for Veterans rights. Today he holds the position of president of the National Metis Veterans Association campaigning and working for his people to gain recognition and benefits for their military service to Canada.

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Ed Borchert
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI)

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