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Training In Poona

Heroes Remember

And then we took a train to Poona and it's a, there's a mountain

Camp of Chinese Canadian Troops posing for picture.

called Singar Hill there and it's about 2000 feet up. I remember disembarking, matter of fact, a few of us and I was included one of them. We had our duffle bags on our back and we just wound our way up and without stopping. I guess I was pretty energetic in those days. And I can recall, it was at night, in the evening and there was an Indian sentry on, around the corner and we didn't see him. And he sort of startled us, you know, because he made some sort of a noise and it was, it was kind of a scary thing to listen to somebody all of a sudden in the hills there, you know. I guess he was, he was with the British, you know, those are sentries. And I can remember when we got right up to the top of the mountain, the hill there, they gave us a boiled egg and a cup of tea. And then we met the British officer there and then they showed us our encampment. It was a British Army camp there and the reason for going up this mountain was to get climatized I believe. And that's where we had our training. We were trained for guerilla warfare and we were not operating out of uniforms. We were to be parachuted behind enemy lines and organize guerilla warfare.

Mr.Wong talks about being sent to Poona, India, and the fact that they were trained for guerrilla warfare.

Victor Eric Wong

Mr Wong was born in Victoria, BC and enlisted in 1944 at the age of 18. He went overseas to fight in China after training at Camp Shiloh in Manitoba. He was a rifleman with the Special Operative Executive that fought in Burma and was trained in guerilla warfare.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Victor Eric Wong
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Second World War
Special Operative Executive

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