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Where Did All The Young Men Go?

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Where Did All The Young Men Go?

Interviewer: After the war was declared, did you notice any change in the village and in the, in your family life? Did anything change? Oh yes, the.. Oh yes! My goodness sakes. What happened was the, all the younger people, the young guys, I don't think there was one young guy left in the village or in our community. All the, all the ones that were passed their health test and stuff like that. No, there wasn't, they all went. So the boys just disappeared right out of the community. There was just, all the kids, all the kids I say, all the kids that we went to school with, were, as far as I know the ones that passed their medical, were in the forces of one or the other of some kind.

Ms. Dion talks about how all the young men in her village seemed to disappear when Canada went to war.

Theresa Evelyn Dion

Ms. Dion was born in a little village about 45 km west of Edmonton in March of 1924. Her father had a small farm about one mile outside the village where he raised animals to provide food for his family. He also sold some animals as a means of income. Ms. Dion comes from a family of 7 and had two older brothers who served in the Second World War. She attended a one-room school for Grades 1 through 8 and then went to Edmonton to further her education. She joined the Canadian Women's Army Corps in February of 1942 and after completing basic training was stationed in Suffield, Alberta. She met and married her husband while she was stationed in Suffield. After they were married he went overseas to serve his country. In the Fall of 1944, while stationed in Calgary, she received a medical discharge.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Theresa Evelyn Dion
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Second World War

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