Heading for the Pacific

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Heading for the Pacific

Well there was, we worked up, we went to Scapa briefly to, for some work ups, and coming, going in there we were the only naval vessel in there, after all the time when there'd been dozens. No, no, it was no longer an advanced base, shall we say. And so there, there we were, we worked up, I can still remember going astern at about 20 something knots down the Irish Sea, that was quite remarkable because we were passing all the other ships going backwards. And then, then in the Firth of Clyde, in that area, Lamlash and that, we worked up. And then, I guess it was, oh, I don't know, a month later, we headed for, for Gibraltar and the Mediterranean. We were, we were chasing the war in the Pacific. And we continued our work up when we got to Malta, we were there for several weeks, go to sea and come back in, you know, by the day, that sort of thing, then we took off for Alexandria and arrived there I think it was the, about the 7th of, of August. And two, three days later, although I went ashore there once or twice, I could have gone to Cairo, but I didn't and I said I was too busy, at least that's what I think I was.

Mr. Treherne recalls doing work ups on the HMCS Ontario.

Thomas Claude Treherne

Mr. Treherne returned to Canada after the war and continued his military career as a senior instructor at Naden Supply School. Mr. Treherne maintains a family history of his father's and grandfather's service lives. He is currently writing his memoirs of his navy service in the supply branch, and also serves as a member of the Council for Canadian Security in the 21st Century (CCS 21).

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Thomas Claude Treherne
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Second World War
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