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Young Lady Starting A Career

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Young Lady Starting A Career

I went to, took a St. John's Ambulance course and various things in Vancouver. And then my mother borrowed the money and decided to go to England and become a nurse because she had a, we had relatives right in the next block around the corner from the hospital. And there was another girl that went from North Vancouver, and she was there already, so I had somebody to go to and that's what I did. And so at the age of, I guess I was 22 before I left home because I looked after my little brother. My mother had another baby and I looked after him and brought him up as my child really because mother was ill at the time and she was in bed and I looked after the family. I was verydomesticated in those days, I could cook for the whole family. I was one of seven children but we had a lovely life, we were so lucky to grow up then.

Mrs. Mortimer reflects back on her early years and how the family decision to move to England provided her the opportunity to pursue a nursing career.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
Person Interviewed:
Marion Mortimer
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Operating Room Nurse

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