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More Than An Orthopedic Hospital

Heroes Remember

More Than An Orthopedic Hospital

It was really more than an orthopedic place. The planes were flown into the various fields and they were sorted out. And we'd be on duty all day long and then we'd have the siren going to say the convoy was coming in and then we would have to go back on duty again that night until we got organized properly and then we had a night shift and then a day shift. But yes, I can remember the worst experience I had, I think, was when I had to stand there and hold this leg of a patient who was having his leg cut off and the doctors realized I guess I was feeling terribly sad about it and a bit unsure so he said, “Please give the sister a stool to sit on!” So I was able to sit on this high stool and hold the leg.

Mrs. Mortimer shares a story of witnessing her first amputation of a patient’s leg and her feeling of weakness in the operating room.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
Person Interviewed:
Marion Mortimer
War, Conflict or Mission:
Second World War
Operating Room Nurse

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