Frequently Asked Questions: Benefits Navigator

What is the Benefits Navigator?

The Benefits Navigator is an online questionnaire to help identify the VAC programs and services you may be eligible to receive. The results include a brief explanation of each program, links to more information and, if available, a link to the application form.

How do I use this benefits navigator tool?

For each question, choose the answer that best applies to you. To return to the beginning, use the start again button.

Am I automatically eligible for the program or services displayed through the Benefits Navigator?

The Benefits Navigator is for reference only; no decisions on eligibility are based on your answers to this questionnaire. When you apply for services and benefits, only the information on your application form, and any other documents you provide, are used to assess your eligibility. For some programs and services, further assessments, documentation or information may be required, but the Department will notify you in these instances.

What if I am unsure of an answer to a question?

To receive results, you cannot skip any questions. The Benefits Navigator is only a learning tool so if you are unsure how to answer, just choose the response that feels best. Remember you can start your session over and try other answers to see how your results may differ.

Can I submit a form online?

You can submit many VAC forms online using My VAC Account. If a form is not available within My VAC Account, a link will take you to the form you need on In this case, you will need to download, complete and print the form. Next, you must sign it and then you can mail it to the address found on the form, or scan the signed form and upload this document through My VAC Account.

How do I save my Benefits Navigator session?

This option is only available if you are using My VAC Account. In this case, your Benefits Navigator session is automatically saved once you have completed the questionnaire. The results of your most recent Benefits Navigator session can be found by clicking "find out more" on the "What can I apply for?" page, then selecting "View previous results."