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Direct deposit

  • How do I sign up for direct deposit?

    To sign up for direct deposit, log into My VAC Account, then:

    • Select Profile
    • Select Edit direct deposit
    • Enter your branch, institution and account numbers in the fields provided
    • Click Continue
    • Click the I authorize button

    You are now registered for direct deposit.

    If you receive payments for the Veterans Independence Program or Treatment Benefits, you can check the box for I want my VIP and Treatment Benefits paid by Direct Deposit and have these payments put directly into your bank account.

  • I want to change my direct deposit information, how soon will it take effect?

    If you change direct deposit information, the next payment may still be issued to the bank account you previously had registered with My VAC Account. If your bank account is closed we will mail a cheque to the mailing address you have on file.

    In order to prevent missing a payment and having to receive a cheque by mail, it is suggested that you leave your old bank account open for 30 days and the next payment will go to the new account.

  • If I enroll for direct deposit, do all of my cheques get deposited this way?

    If you enroll for direct deposit, these are some of the payments that will be deposited into your bank account:

    Disability Award, Disability Pension,  Pain and Suffering Compensation/Disability Pension, War Veterans Allowance, Canadian Forces Income Support, Income Replacement Benefit, Veterans Emergency Fund, Education Benefit, Education Completion Bonus, Exceptional Incapacity Allowance, Attendance Allowance, and other financial benefits.

    You can also receive reimbursements for Treatment Benefits, the grant payments for Veterans Independence Program and reimbursement/payments from Medavie Blue Cross.

  • Can I stop direct deposit using My VAC Account?

    No. You can currently use My VAC Account to set-up direct deposit, or edit your direct deposit information. To stop direct deposit payments, please contact us by phone.