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Rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation services can improve your health and help you adjust to life at home, in your community or at work. Depending on your circumstances and needs, health professionals and other service providers can help you adapt to your service-related illness or injury.

About this program

Your rehabilitation needs will be assessed and then your individualized rehabilitation plan will be developed. Your rehabilitation plan is the roadmap to your recovery. The plan can include treatments from:

  • Medical rehabilitation – services to improve your health to the fullest extent, or
  • Psycho-social rehabilitation – health services to help you regain your independence.

When you are ready, your rehab plan can also include vocational rehabilitation. This part of your plan will identify the training or skills development you need to start a new career.

If your health does not allow you to take part in vocational rehabilitation, this part of your rehab plan can be transferred to your spouse as vocational assistance.

Do you qualify?

You should apply for rehabilitation services if you:

  • Served in the Canadian Armed Forces, and
  • Have a barrier to re-establishment which is a health issue (temporary or permanent) related to your service that prevents your full participation at work or home or in the community

How to apply

Apply online

Apply online through My VAC Account. Applying is easier with a guided form. Sign in or register for My VAC Account.

My VAC Account

Mail or in person

Download the application form. Then, drop it off at a VAC office or CAF transition centre. You can also mail your completed application directly to the address listed on the form.

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Get help with your application

The staff at any VAC Office or CAF Transition Centre can assist you, or call us at 1-866-522-2122.

Building a rehabilitation plan

We can usually make a decision about rehabilitation program eligibility within a few weeks of receiving your completed application. If approved, you will receive the one-on-one support of a VAC case manager.

Your case manager will work with you (and your family) to identify your goals. Together you will build your rehabilitation plan.

To ensure your success, the plan will identify:

  • Your goals
  • The services and benefits you will need to reach those goals
  • Service providers to help get you there
  • A timeframe to complete it all

You are the most important part of any successful rehab plan. As you work through your plan, it is important to keep in touch about your services or any challenges you face. Give feedback to your case manager, your rehabilitation service specialist, or anyone who is working with you.

From start to finish, your VAC case manager will:

  • Work closely with you and your family
  • Respect your privacy and confidentiality
  • Help identify information and services you need
  • Help you develop support networks
  • Coordinate between you, your health professionals, and others
  • Track and discuss your progress on a regular basis

Additional information

Find out more

Are you medically-releasing from the Canadian Armed Forces soon?

If so, you can apply for rehabilitation services before you leave service. If approved, the start date of your rehabilitation plan, and your Income Replacement Benefit, can be the day after you release.

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Vocational assistance - Coaching, support and any other training you need to return to work or find a new job after an injury.

Income Replacement Benefit – A monthly payment to maintain your income while you are taking part in the VAC rehabilitation program.

Case management – A case manager can help you set goals and find the services you need to overcome a challenge in your life.

Guided support – Sometimes life situations can be challenging. When the challenge is too much to handle independently, Guided Support services can help you and your family.

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay my bills while taking part in the rehab program?

Participants in rehabilitation services with health problems resulting primarily from service may qualify for the Income Replacement Benefit. This income support ensures your total income will be at least 90% of your gross pre-release military salary. This is available so you can focus on what matters most – your health and career goals.

I didn’t medically release from service, but I am having difficulty coping with life after service, do I qualify?

VAC’s rehabilitation services assist any Veteran who is experiencing a physical or mental health issue, related to their service, which is creating a barrier to their re-establishment to civilian life. It does not matter if that barrier is considered permanent or temporary. When you are completing the application form, be sure to detail how your health has negatively impacted your life at home, at work or in the community.

I already applied for a disability benefit and provided this information on all of my health issues, do I have to do that all over again to apply for Rehabilitation.

No. If you have already applied for a VAC disability benefit for any of the health conditions that are creating a barrier to your re-establishment in civilian life, just check the box on the rehabilitation form that says “see recent disability award application on file”.

Are there policies for this program?

Yes. Read more about the policies related to rehabilitation services and vocational assistance program.