Group Health Insurance

Most people will need medical care at some point. Group health insurance can help cover many of the costs related to that care.

About this program

Effective 1 July 2023, Canada Life is administering the Public Service Health Care Plan. All active plan members must complete positive enrolment with Canada Life to activate their coverage. For instructions on what steps you need to take, visit Public Service Health Care Plan FAQs.

As of 1 July 2023, claims should be sent to Canada Life.

You and your family may need basic or additional healthcare coverage. If eligible, we can offer access to group health insurance through the Public Service Health Care Plan. Participants are responsible for paying monthly premiums. The amount of your premium depends on the type and level of coverage you choose.

The Public Service Health Care Plan provides coverage for a wide variety of health-related products and services. Participation is voluntary and can be in addition to other medical coverage you may have, such as treatment benefits or rehabilitation services from VAC, private insurance, etc.

The plan reimburses 80 percent of the cost for most eligible expenses. Eligible expenses include prescription medicines, vision care, medical practitioners, dental treatments as a result of accidental injury, other services and supplies, out-of-province referrals or expenses, and hospital accommodation charges depending on the coverage you selected.

Note: Dental coverage is for accidental injuries only. Preventive and regular dental care such as teeth cleaning, exams, orthodontics, fillings, etc. is not included with the VAC Public Service Health Care Plan.

This plan offers two kinds of coverage:

Supplementary Coverage:

  • For those living in Canada, an added coverage on top of the health insurance plan in your home province or territory.

Comprehensive Coverage:

  • For those living outside of Canada and not covered by a provincial or territorial health insurance plan.

Do you qualify?

You can apply for the Public Service Health Care Plan through VAC if you are:

  • a former Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member approved for benefits under the Canadian Armed Forces Long Term Disability on or after 1 April 2006, and you are not otherwise eligible for the Public Service Health Care Plan;
  • a former CAF member approved for VAC rehabilitation services due to a service-related illness or injury, and you are not otherwise eligible for the Public Service Health Care Plan
  • the survivor of a CAF Veteran who died on or after 1 April 2006 from a service-related illness or injury, if you are not otherwise eligible for the Public Service Health Care Plan

How to apply

Apply online

If you are registered for My VAC Account, you can submit your application for this benefit online. If you aren’t registered, you can register now.

My VAC Account

Apply by Mail

Download the application form. Then, mail your completed form directly to:

Veterans Affairs Canada
PO Box 6000
Matane, QC
G4W 0E4

Go to form

Get help with your application

Our staff can assist you.

Please note our service locations offer in-person services by appointment only.

Additional information

Find out more

If you have been rendered eligible for PSHCP by VAC and would like additional information on the terms and conditions of coverage, as well as detailed information regarding the benefits provided, please contact Canada Life by email or by phone at 1-855-415-4414. You can also visit the Public Service Health Care Plan website.

Information on rates and premiums is also available on the National Joint Council Web site which is responsible for setting this health care plan's rates.

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Frequently asked questions

I do not agree with the decision about my claim. How can I appeal?

The Appeals process is available to all members of the Public Service Health Care Plan. If you do not agree with a decision about your claim, you may send a letter of appeal to the Administration Authority for review.

Are there policies for this program?

Yes. Read the Health Benefits program.

View more FAQs about the Public Service Health Care Plan.