LifeSpeak for Veterans, former RCMP and their families


Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) has contracted Health Canada to provide LifeSpeak, an online mental and physical health information and support resource to Veterans and their families. LifeSpeak is provided free of charge, and can be accessed online anonymously and confidentially anytime and anywhere. This service begins September 1, 2018.

Questions and answers

What is LifeSpeak?

LifeSpeak is a comprehensive health and wellness platform that is web-based and available 24/7. It offers education on a variety of topics that matter to you, and includes more than 320 videos, podcasts and transcripts, as well as printable tip sheets and action plans all accessible via computers, smartphones and tablets. The educational modules are about 5 to 8 minutes in length and facilitated by subject matter experts in both English and French. Throughout the year there will be quarterly campaigns featuring various wellness topics and opportunities to participate in monthly 'Ask the Expert' chat sessions. You can watch leading experts on topics ranging from mental health and relationships to financial health and parenting caregiving.

Who can use LifeSpeak?

Veterans Affairs Canada is providing LifeSpeak to Veterans, former RCMP members and their families, free of charge - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service is provided as part of VAC Assistance Service. LifeSpeak can be accessed anonymously and confidentially anytime and anywhere where there is Internet availability.


Username: veterans

Password: canada

What other on-line services does VAC offer?

VAC offers several online services and supports. The latest e-learning tool developed in collaboration with Saint Elizabeth Health is the Caregiver Zone, which empowers informal caregivers to protect, improve and sustain their own health and wellbeing throughout their caring journey. The new Caregiver Zone e- learning program for caregivers of Veterans can be accessed at ""

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Username: veterans

Password: canada