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Remembrance Dog Tags

When you don't have a family connection with someone in the military, it can be difficult to feel involved with remembrance. This dog tag activity is designed to help youth 'put a face on remembrance'. Over 118,000 people lost their lives serving Canada over the years. These people came from various walks of life, were young and old, men and women, spoke English, French or other languages, were in the army, air force, navy, merchant navy. Many of them gave their lives so we could live in a free country.


You may also wish to have students research fallen soldiers from their community or region and create their own dog tags. If there is no picture of the person on the CVWM, you could try to find one by contacting relatives of the deceased individual. Any additional information (pictures, newspaper clippings or other pertinent information) could be submitted to the CVWM.

You could wear the dog tags at the Remembrance Day assembly at your school or town cenotaph.

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