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Invictus Games 2018: Julie Grandmaison

Invictus Games

Invictus Games 2018: Julie Grandmaison

Warrant Officer Julie Grandmaison (Team Canada Member): Hi, I’m Julie Grandmaison. I’m here to talk to you guys about my journey here to the Invictus Games. I’ve been here for a week now. I participated in swimming, rowing, power lifting and wheelchair rugby. The experience here at the Invictus Games has been amazing. I have met some wonderful people and it feels good to be amongst people that understand who we are and what we do and where we came from. It is also amazing to have the support of our family here. I came here with my parents, who are 70 and 71 years old. It’s their first trip ever in a plane. So for them it was like quite amazing to fly 25 hours to see me compete and they’re so proud of me. I’m also here with my son and my partner Dave. My son Matthew, he’s six years old. One of the good things about him being here right now is it teaches him that there’s different types of persons, there’s different types of people and it’s not because you’re missing a limb or because you’re missing an arm or a leg or whatnot that you’re not a wonderful person. I’m so happy that I was able to do it. It means that... What it meant to me at first was like, you know, being a part of a team. Being part of, I don’t know, the family of Invictus. I didn’t know the other Julie, like, when I first got here, when I first got to be a part of the team and we bonded so well. I mean, I don’t know, we connected and this is a bond that’s not going to go away, like, being able to be in other people’s life and being able to cheer them up and help them and be there for them is so amazing. I didn’t win a medal but I won lots of friends; lots of new friends and lots of love. The message we would like to send, Julie and me, is that we... Corporal Julie Larouche (Team Canada Member): We love each other. Wo Grandmaison: We love each other and it’s beautiful. Then you become friends, and then it’s a friendship that lasts.Cpl Larouche: I think it’s indescribable. Wo Grandmaison: Yes. Cpl Larouche: One cannot describe the relationship one has, because all here is indescribable anyway, so our friendship will be indescribable. Wo Grandmaison: I love you sweetheart. Go to the Soldier On website, register yourself for the Warrior Games, the Invictus Games, any training camp that they have. It is worth getting out of the house and it is worth seeing what’s out there because being in Australia here is just amazing. It’s a life changing moment for me. Share our Team Canada Pride A message from the Government of Canada.

Warrant Officer Julie Grandmaison (Team Canada Member)

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October 28, 2018

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