Track your applications

  • Did you change the look of the ‘Track your applications’ tool?

    We are updating the ’Track your applications’ tool in My VAC Account. As a first step, we updated the user interface (i.e. the look) of the tool to make it easier to view and track your applications. These changes were made based on user feedback. Our next step is to add more information under each step of the process so you are well aware of what’s going on behind-the scenes.

  • The look of ‘Track your applications’ has changed. Did that change the status of my claim?

    No, changes to the look of status tracking will not impact the status of your application or claim.

  • Why am I seeing different information at Step 3 of status tracking on different applications? For example, sometimes I see links to wait time information and sometimes see specific turnaround times.

    Understanding how long you need to wait to hear a decision on your application is important to us. That’s why we’ve added information on the average wait times for applications to our website, and are working to incorporate more information within the My VAC Account “Track your application” tool, so that you can better follow your application every step of the way.

    Whenever possible, we will now direct you to the average wait time information on our website, instead of giving you a specific turnaround time. This information gives you a more accurate picture of how long people are waiting for a decision. Over the coming months, we will be working to make this change across all disability applications that are in progress, as well as other applications.

  • How do I view the status of my application online?

    To view the status of your application online, you must be registered for My VAC Account. You can register at

    Once you are registered and logged in to My VAC Account:

    • In the "VAC Services and benefits" menu, click "Track your applications",
    • You will see the applications you have in process.
    • Click on the status of the application for more details
  • I just applied for Career Transition Services (or any of the currently tracked applications) through My VAC Account. Why can’t I see my application?

    It may take several days before a submitted application appears on the Track your applications page. If you have applied online, once you click the "Submit" button, your form is sent directly to VAC. All of your submitted forms and documents can be viewed under the "Submitted forms and documents" section of the Forms page. The application will be displayed in the "Track your applications" page once it has been received in person by a VAC Agent. If you have applied through the mail, your application will appear on this page once it has been received by a VAC Agent.

  • How long does it take to process an application?

    The turnaround time for an application depends on the VAC program you are applying for. Each program has a published service standard which tells you when you can expect to hear from us about your application. To view the relevant service standard for your application:

    • Log into your My VAC Account.
    • In the "VAC Services and benefits" menu, click "Track your applications"
    • You will see the applications you have in process
    • Click on the status of the application for more details
    • Click on the "status" for that application
    • The service standard for the application will be displayed under Step 1 (or Step 3 for disability applications)
  • Why have more of my past applications appeared on the "Track your applications" page?

    The 'Track your applications' feature of My VAC Account, used to automatically remove applications that were older than two years from the page.

    Changes made to the system on November 29, 2017, now allow applications to be maintained in My VAC Account, without a time restriction. As a result you will now see more of your past applications on the "Track your applications" page.

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