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Reports and Papers

Please note that applied health research is generally only available in the language in which it was originally prepared. These reports have been made available to policy and decision makers to facilitate improved uptake and knowledge exchange, and to aid in the process of evidence-based decision making. All research summaries, where available, have been translated.

For copies of full reports, contact the Research Directorate of Veterans Affairs Canada.


Female Veterans’ Risk Factors for Homelessness: A Scoping Review

Well-being of Veterans with chronic pain with fewer activities limited by pain: Life After Service Studies 2019 survey

International perspective on military exposure data sources, applications, and opportunities for collaboration

The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging: A Vehicle for Research on Aging in Older Veterans

Investigating Factors Associated with Medicinal Cannabis use Among Military Veterans


Annotated Bibliography: An Overview of Publications by the Veterans Affairs Canada Research Directorate (1992-2021):Evidence to Support the Well-being of Veterans and their Families

Characteristics, Institutional Behaviour, and Post-release Outcomes of federal Veteran and non-Veteran Men Offenders

Lessons Learned From Presumptive Condition Lists in Veteran Compensation Systems

Well-Being of Canadian Veterans during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Cross-Sectional Results from the COVID-19 Veteran Well-Being Study


Working Together to Address Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces

Characteristics of Canadian Veterans Reimbursed for Cannabis for Medical Purposes - Life After Service Survey 2016

Lifetime Prevalence and Comorbidity of Mental Disorders in the Two-wave 2002-2018 Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey

Correlates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among Veterans in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging

Cluster Analysis of Canadian Armed Forces Veterans Living with Chronic Pain – Life After Service Studies 2016

Mental Health of Canadian Veterans of the Reserve Force

Pre- and Post-Release Income of Regular Force Veterans: Life After Service Studies 2019

Identifying release-related precursors to suicide among Canadian Veterans between 1976 and 2012

Health Care Access and Use Among Male and Female Veterans Canadian Armed Forces Compared to the Canadian Population


Longitudinal Qualitative Study on the Health and Well-being of Military Veterans during Military to Civilian Transition

Well-Being of Canadian Regular Force Veterans: Findings from LASS 2019 Survey

Rationale and Methodology of the 2018 Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans Mental Health Follow-up Survey (CAFVMHS): A 16-year Follow-up Survey

Characterization of occupational, demographic and health determinants in Canadian reservists veterans and the relationship with poor self-rated health

Comparing negative health indicators in male and female veterans to the Canadian general population

Considering exposure assessment in epidemiological studies of chronic health in military populations


Measuring Veteran well-being

2019 Veteran Suicide Mortality Study

Financial Security Among Veterans in Canada

2019 Gulf War Mortality Report: Follow-up period 1991 to 2014

Life course well-being framework for suicide prevention in Canadian Armed Forces Veterans

Group identity, difficult adjustment to civilian life, and suicidal ideation in Canadian Armed Forces Veterans: Life After Service Studies 2016

Veteran Income and Employment Policies in Canada

Labour Market Outcomes of Veterans

Burden of Cancer Mortality in the Canadian Armed Forces

Examining the Incomes of Veterans using Tax Data: Now and in the Future


2018 Veteran Suicide Mortality Study

Veterans in Canada released since 1998 : a sex-disaggregated profile

Pre- and Post-Release Income: Life After Service Studies 2016

Reflections on Recovery, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Injured Service Members and Veterans from a Bio-Psychosocial-Spiritual Perspective

The Canadian Forces Cancer and Mortality Study II: a Longitudinal Record-Linkage Study Protocol

Understanding Future Needs of Canadian Veterans

Veteran Suicide Mortality in Canada from 1976 to 2012

Factors Associated with Work Satisfaction Among Veterans

Overall Mortality of Canadian Armed Forces Personnel Enrolled 1976–2012


2017 Veteran Suicide Mortality Study (1976 to 2012)

Composite Measure of Mental Health Problems in Canadian Armed Forces Veterans – 2013 Life After Service Survey

Life After Service Survey 2016

Self-Assessment of Need for Assistance with Transition to Civilian Life: Development of the Road to Civilian Life (R2CL) Transition Checklist

Veterans’ Identities and Well-being in Transition to Civilian Life – A Resource for Policy Analysts, Program Designers, Service Providers and Researchers


A Well-Being Construct for Veterans’ Policy, Programming and Research

Differences in Adjustment to Civilian Life between Male and Female Canadian Armed Forces Veterans

Correlates of Mental Health Problems in Canadian Armed Forces Veterans – 2013 Life After Service Survey

Mental Health of Canadian Armed Forces Veterans: Review of Population Studies

Prevalence of Hearing Problems in Canadian Armed Forces Veterans – Life After Service Studies

Screening Questions to Identify Canadian Veterans


Fast Facts on Veterans’ transition experiences

Impact of a Housing First Intervention on Homeless Veterans with Mental Illness: A Canadian Multisite Randomized Control Trial

Multivariate Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life in Canadian Armed Forces Veterans after Transition to Civilian Life

Mental Health Findings from the 2013 Life After Service Survey

Profile of Personnel Deployed to Afghanistan

Research on Military/Veteran Families











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