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Financial and human resources-related information to provide Canadians transparency about our work.

COVID-19 Update

Openness, transparency and accountability are guiding principles of the Government of Canada. The Government of Canada has implemented exceptional measures to curb the COVID-19 pandemic and protect the health and safety of federal employees. Institutions are operating with significantly reduced on-site workforces, with most employees asked to work from home.

As a result, institutions’ ability to meet the requirements under the Acts may be significantly constrained for the duration of the exceptional measures, and institutions may not be able to meet the legislated timelines to respond to requests or to publish certain information proactively.

The Government of Canada provides proactive disclosure of information so that Canadians and Parliament are better able to hold the Government and public sector officials accountable.

For information about proactive disclosure at all Government of Canada institutions, please visit the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat's proactive disclosure site.

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