Medals and Decorations

How do I replace a lost Medal?

In 1949, the Government of Canada awarded campaign stars and medals which were sent to the last known address on the individual's service records at the time. Many medals were returned undelivered. To try to reach as many Veterans as possible, application cards were given out at post offices across the country and Veterans had to apply for their medals.

Veterans Affairs Canada is responsible for first issue or replacement medals for those who served in the Second World War, Merchant Navy and the Korean War. Please visit our medals contact page for more information.

Helpful Tips When Applying for Medals:

  • If you are a Veteran looking for your own medals, please contact us at 1-866-522-2122.
  • If you served after the Korea War, you must call National Defence at 1-877-741-8332 for medals such as: Canadian Forces Decorations, United Nations Medal for Emergency Force, Egypt, Peace Keeping Medal, or the Special Service Medal, etc.

Where can I apply for the new Peacekeeping Medal?

The Peacekeeping Medal is issued by National Defence and applications may be submitted by calling this toll free number: 1-877-741-8332.

Can I wear my relative’s medals?

Medals may only be worn by the veteran. This is considered of such high importance that it is a criminal offense to wear military medals that someone else has earned.

In what order should medals be mounted?

Information can be found in the section on mounting and wearing of campaign stars and medals.

How much does it cost to replace lost medals?

There is no charge for replacement medals for the Veteran or widow/widower. However, for eligible next of kin, if the medals have never been issued, the first set is free. If they have already been issued, there will be a charge. The price for each medal varies.

I need new ribbons. Where can I obtain new ones?

Veterans Affairs Canada provides veterans and their families with new ribbons at no cost. We will require the name of each medal in order to identify which ribbons are needed. Please contact us for more information.

I need a new mounting bar. Where can I obtain one?

Veterans Affairs Canada can provide new mounting bars at no cost. We have one to five medal bars available. Please contact us for more information.

Why are medals from the Second World War not engraved with the soldier’s information?

The eight campaign stars and two general service medals awarded for service in the Second World War were issued unnamed by England and Canada after the criteria for the medals were finalized in 1948. In accordance with the criteria, the medals were not engraved with the details of military personnel. This criterion is still followed today.

How do I apply for the Radar Mechanics Certificate?

If you served in the RCAF and were a Radar Mechanic attached to the RAF during the Second World War, a certificate of appreciation from the British Air Ministry of Defence is available. Please contact us for more information. Family members of a deceased veteran can also apply. Please note that only one certificate per Radar Mechanic can be issued.

I served in the Second World War and I lost my discharge button. Can I get another one?

Yes. Please contact us and a replacement discharge button and certificate will be sent after a review of your service documents.

Where can I get a replacement of my Operational Wings?

Operational Wings are available from National Defence. Please note that DND may only replace lost or stolen wings that were already approved prior to or by 31 March 1946. If approval for the operational wings is not in the serviceman’s file, the wings cannot be issued.

Where can I purchase a replacement cap, hat or air gunner badges, etc.?

Badges and insignias are available from a military outfitter.

I want to have my medals mounted and cleaned. Is there such a service available?

Veterans Affairs Canada does not provide this service. Please contact a military outfitter in your area.

I understand that a new medal to commemorate the Battle of Normandy is available. Where can I obtain this medal?

The French Government issued a commemorative medal in 1994 on the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Normandy. Unfortunately, the medal was only available in a limited issue and we have been informed that it is no longer available.

What is the new Bomber Command Bar?

The Bomber Command Bar is awarded to Canadian Veterans who earned the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal and served a minimum of one day with Bomber Command during the Second World War.

How can I apply?

Bomber Command Bar applications can be submitted online or by submitting a paper application to the Honours and Awards Section of Veterans Affairs Canada: Veterans Affairs Canada
Honours and Awards Section
Ottawa ON K1A 0P4

More information on the Bomber Command Bar can be found here.

Are Canadian Veterans eligible to apply for the United Kingdom Bomber Command Clasp?

The British Government recently unveiled its own unique military honour for Bomber Command Veterans. The UK Bomber Command Clasp, worn on the 1939-45 Star, is available to aircrew who served a minimum of 60 days in the air.

Commonwealth Veterans are eligible to wear the clasp, provided that they are not eligible for a similar award from their country of citizenship.

Canadian Honours and Awards policy indicates that “awards are made on the understanding that individuals do not receive a similar award from their own or any other Allied government.”

As the Bomber Command Bar is being issued by the Government of Canada, Canadian Veterans are not eligible to receive the UK Bomber Command Clasp to the 1939-45 Star, as this would be a direct duplication of a Canadian honour.

Arctic Star - How can I apply?

The Government of Canada has announced that eligible Canadian Veterans now have authority to wear the Arctic Star. This new medal was unveiled in 2012 by the British Government and is available to all Commonwealth Forces, including Canada. It is intended to commemorate and recognize the particular severity of the conditions experienced by those who served in the Arctic during the Second World War.

Eligible Veterans and next-of-kin can now apply for the Arctic Star.

For your application, you will need to provide information such as:

  • service number
  • branch of service
  • theatre of service
  • full name
  • date of birth
  • your current name and address

Please contact us or download, print and complete the appropriate form below and mail it to the Honours and Awards directorate at the address indicated on the form.

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