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Track your applications

  • How do I view the status of my application online?

    You can track the status of your application in My VAC Account.

    1. Click on Track your applications on the home page.
    2. You can view the general status of your application on this page and click on the status link for more details.
  • Why am I getting different information for different applications at Step 3 of the Application status steps in the Track your applications section? For example, sometimes I see links to processing time information and sometimes I receive specific turnaround times.

    We’ve added information on the average processing times for applications to our website, and are working to incorporate more information within the My VAC Account Track your application tool, so that you can better follow your application every step of the way.

    Whenever possible, we will now direct you to the average processing time information on our website, instead of giving you a specific turnaround time. This information gives you a more accurate picture of how long people are waiting for a decision. We continue to work on improving processing times and adjust how we share these changes across all applications in progress.

  • I just submitted an application. Why can’t I see it on the Track your applications page?

    It may take several days before a submitted application appears on the Track your applications page. You should see your application in the Submitted forms and documents section of the Forms page.

    The application will be displayed on the Track your applications page once it has been received in person by a VAC Agent. If you have applied through the mail, the status of your application will appear on this page once it has been received by a VAC Agent.

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