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Current benefits and payment history

  • What is the Current benefits and payment history section?

    The Current benefits and payment history section displays the values of the current benefits you are receiving (or are scheduled to receive) organized by program, as well as a history of payments issued over the last 24 months.

    You can print a copy by right clicking on the Current benefits or Payment history pages, select print preview and then print. If you would prefer an official copy by mail please send a request via Secure Messaging.

  • Can I access information regarding benefits that I’ve received in the past?

    You can view information for payments for benefits within the past 24 months in the programs Payment History tab. However, only information for the benefits you are currently receiving are displayed in the Current Benefits tab.

  • When a decision is made regarding my application for a VAC service or benefit, how long does it take before the information is reflected on the Current benefits and Payment history pages in My VAC Account?

    As soon as any change is made to the value of your benefits in our system, it is displayed in My VAC Account. If, for some reason, there is any difference between the information displayed in My VAC Account and the information maintained internally by VAC, the latter is considered the official record.

  • I notice that a payment I received in the past 24 months for the disability program is not listed. Why?

    Occasionally, if a specific arrangement (such as a wire transfer) has been made for a disability program payment, it may not appear on this page.

  • What are the amounts being displayed under my Veterans Independence Program (VIP) grant/reimbursement(s) in My VAC Account?

    If you are receiving a grant or reimbursement through the Veterans Independence Program (VIP) benefit, you will see the total annual amount to which you are entitled. This is known as a benefit arrangement.

  • Why is the Veterans Independence Program (VIP) amount different from the one I was provided in my letter from VAC?

    It is possible that there may be a difference between what is displayed in My VAC Account and what has been sent to you in writing. The amount displayed through My VAC Account may not include any one-time or limited-time adjustments.

  • What disability benefit information can be viewed in My VAC Account?

    If you receive a disability benefit, you will see the details of your current monthly benefit in My VAC Account. If you receive periodic payments for a lump sum disability award, you will see the amount and date of your next payment.

    To see all of the disability benefit payments made during the last 24-months, click the Payment history tab.

  • In the disability benefits section, what does "redirection" mean?

    A "redirection" means part or all of a benefit is paid to another person or organization.

    Please note: if you would like part of your benefit to go to another person or organization, we can pay them directly. This is referred to as a “redirection” in your account.

  • In the disability benefits section, what does "withhold" refer to?

    A "withhold" means part or all of a benefit amount is held back, such as a deduction or overpayment.

    Example (hypothetical): you receive an additional pension while your child studies at university. Your child graduates, but you continue to be paid the additional amount. We will withhold the amount you were overpaid and take it off your next pension payment.

  • When can I expect to receive the payment for the "current benefit" amount?

    Generally speaking, you can expect to receive the payment(s) displayed in current benefits in either the current month or the upcoming month, depending on the date you are viewing the information.

    For information regarding periodic payments you receive as the result of a disability benefit, select the Learn more about this page at the top of the page.

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