Simone the Cat in Quebec

Simone the cat at the Pointe-au-Père memorial in Quebec

Day 10: Pointe-au-Père, Quebec

Batisse, the Royal 22e Régiment mascot, and friend. Photo: KEDL

Ah! La Belle Province! This memorial looks like a ship’s bow to remember sailors from here who died at sea. The ground around the monument is shaped like a big poppy. Being here reminds me of my great-grandfather Simon who was a mascot on a war ship.

Day 11: Quebec City, Quebec

We absolutely had to stop in Québec City to visit our friend Batisse the goat! At La Citadelle, we saw the changing of the guard and toured the Royal 22e Régiment museum. We had a great visit and left humming Vive la Canadienne, the regiment’s marching song!

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