Gandy Rides Back in Time


Gandy's out of breath by the time he arrives at the Army Surplus store. He sits to rest for a minute. Suddenly, loud clanging noises ring out from around the side of the building. Gandy decides to take a peek. He sees a woman repairing the motor of a Jeep. Gandy lays down to watch and listen.

When the woman glances at Gandy, he jumps up to ask her some questions. She tells him that her name is Marie and that she is a collector of military vehicles. The Jeep she's working on was used during the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.

Marie wants to take the Jeep for a test drive to make sure that the motor is running smoothly. She invites Gandy to come along for the ride. Gandy has always loved moving vehicles. Chasing them is fun; being inside one is even better. Gandy is a happy dog!

Photo of a jeep from the Korean War. Photo: W.E. Storey Collection

During their ride, Marie tells Gandy all about the Canadian Transport Company that used the Jeep during the Korean War. They took care of the ammunition (bullets, bomb shells, grenades, etc.) for the Canadian Armed Forces in Korea. Now that was a dangerous job!

Gandy watches for his Remembrance Clubhouse friends on his ride around town. If they could only see him now!

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