Peace Springs Up!

Tulips blooming on Parliament Hill.
Photo: Chelsea Smith, Courtesy of
the Canadian Tulip Festival

Tulips pop up every spring in my hometown of Ottawa. These beautiful blooms are a unique thank you gift from the Netherlands. Canadians helped free that country during the Second World War and members of their royal family also lived in Ottawa during the conflict. Dutch Princess Margriet was even born here. She was named after a flower, the daisy, which was worn in the Netherlands during the war as a symbol of resistance. When I heard that, my feathers shivered . . . Flowers really can have powerful meanings!

Sadly, more than 7,600 Canadians died liberating the Netherlands in 1945. But the Dutch people have never forgotten and they have sent us thousands of tulip bulbs every year since! I love to fly above the Rideau Canal and count how many colours I can see.

Squeaker the Carrier Pigeon

Planting tulips—and daisies—is a colourful reminder of the Canadians who became heroes to a whole country. The Dutch still remember them… and we will too!

Oh Canada!
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