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Canada Company LAV III Monument

Municipality/Province: Smiths Falls, ON

Memorial Number: 35040-092

Type: Canada Company LAV III Monument

Address: 150 Elmsley Street

Location: Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 44.9062998   Long: -76.0247715

Submitted By: Victoria Edwards

Photo Credit: Victoria Edwards

To continue the Town’s appreciation for military service and sacrifice the local Legion Branch rallied community support to incorporate a new LAV III Monument next to the WW II Cenotaph in recognition of the local veterans from Afghanistan. During the unveiling ceremony, Mayor Shawn Pankow declared the day, Sept. 16, as Afghanistan Veterans Appreciation Day in Smiths Falls.

A LAV III Monument is a permanent community symbol of remembrance which pays tribute to our Canadian Armed Forces who served and sacrificed in Afghanistan from 2001-2014. It is constructed from previously used LAV III hulls and remnant parts which have been decommission by the government. They are actual-size, look real but are not functional. A LAV III is a Light Armoured Vehicle made of steel, supported by an 8-wheel drive suspension and powered by a 6-cylinder 350 horsepower diesel engine. It can weigh as much as 16,000 kg, carry various weapons, hold up to 10 passengers and reach speeds of 100 km/h.

The LAV III Monument Selection Committee, which is chaired by Major General (ret’d) David Fraser, a former Canadian Commander of Afghanistan South in 2006 along with other Afghanistan veterans, awards monuments while supplies last. This is a Smiths Falls community sponsored monument. Each monument includes a commemorate plaque and costs $17,500, plus applicable sales tax. The original cost of an operational LAV III ranged from $ 1-4 Million depending upon the configuration. The LAV III is made by General Dynamics Land Systems Canada in London, Ontario, Canada.

The Town of Smiths Falls was derived from the original owner of the land, Lieutenant Thomas Smyth, and the once-magnificent falls that were diverted to create the Rideau Canal and the three lock stations. The opening of the canal in 1832 is seen as a milestone for the area since it allowed for economic growth and helped to attract CP Rail in 1884. Today the Town has a population of approximately 8,500 people and is a prominent tourist area.  The town has three separate Cenotaphs to honour the 127 local veterans who gave their lives in either WW I, WW II or Korea.

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In recognition and memory of the efforts of approximately 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces personnel who served and the 162 Canadians who died in the cause of bringing peace and freedom to the people of Afghanistan.

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