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Prince of Wales School Roll of Honor

Municipality/Province: Brockville, ON

Memorial number: 35041-054

Type: Honour Roll (paper in glass frame)

Address: 210 Pearl Street West

Location: Inside Prince of Whales Public School

GPS coordinates: Lat: 44.5881093   Long: -75.6952506

Submitted by: Harry E. Evernden

This memorial is dedicated to past students of Prince of Wales School who served and those who died in war.

Inscription found on memorial

Roll of Honor
Ex-Pupils of Prince of Wales School

Killed in Action

John McConachie
Cecil Buell
Harold McKay

James Billings
Harry Dance
R.S. Row
J.M. Booth

Steward Carr
Joseph Buell
Alan A. Frazer

Letitia McConachie R.R.C.
John Stewart M.D.
Arthur Bisnau
Eddie Birnie
John Dixon
James Graham
Frank Jackson
Harold Richardson
Nelson Wood
John Casselman
James Cleland
Harry Timleck
Robert Rusland
Edward R. Brodie
Ralph E. Pocock
Jermy Dorn
Clarence McKay
Edward Guilboard

Kate Milroy Nursing Sister
Elmer Pencock M.D.
Willie Christy
Frank Booth
Ford Dixon
Thomas Guilboard
Harold McKay
Leonard Row
Heber Watson
Howard Sergeant
Connor Warren
Alonzo Buell
Albert Oakley
John M. Brodie
Harold F. Price
Lloyd M. McLean
Arthur W. DeCarle
George Garrett

Percy Bramley
Ernest Billings
Charlie Blakeney
Robert Cleland
Allen Fraser
Harry Holstead
Arthur Pearce wounded
Keith Dance
Earl Dance
Lloyd Barman
Harry Glazier died
Albert Booth
Edward Rothwell wounded
Frank Hammond
C. Lear White
Thomas Guest
John Cleland

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