Memorial 35091-008 Toronto, ON

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Municipality/Province: Toronto, ON

Memorial Number: 35091-008

Type: Stained Glass Window of 12 large panels with lead supports

Address: Hart House Circle

Location: University of Toronto, Soldiers' Tower

GPS Coordinates: Lat: 43.663535   Long: -79.395226

Contributor: Major R.B. Oglesby; Terry MacDonald

Photo Credit: Robert McIntyre; Terry MacDonald

This memorial is dedicated to members of the University of Toronto who served in the First and Second World Wars. It was erected by the Soldiers' Tower Committee, University of Toronto Alumni Association and dedicated November 6, 1995. A stained glass window of 12 large panels with original crests of Canada and the University of Toronto. Symbolism in the Memorial Window: At the top of the Memorial Window, the original Coat of Arms of Canada (left) and the original Coat of Arms of the University of Toronto rest above a field of blue, representing the heavens. Blue, the colour of the clear sky and of pure water, is a symbol of truth. The sun, moon and stars of the four upper panels represent creation, while the dove - a symbol for the Holy Spirit - stands for peace and purity. Recalling the story of the Flood, when Noah sent a dove out from the Ark, it returned bearing an olive branch to show that God had made peace with man. The clouds in the heavens are the natural veil of the blue sky and are, therefore, used as the symbol of the unseen God. In the centre of the four panels is a maple leaf, stylized after the Canadian flag. Dawn, or the rising sun, is the symbol of the Blood of Christ. Through the shedding of His Blood, the darkness of sin was overcome, and the dawn of eternal salvation made the world light. The sun and the light that radiates from it represent God. In the centre, the Victory Torch is used as a symbol for the active attainment of peace. The perspective convergence of the crosses into the Torch represents the collective sacrifice and unity of the Armed Forces to achieve victory. The poppies at the foot of the crosses invoke remembrance. Meadowlarks, which fly high and sing only when in flight toward heaven, represent the souls of the dead. The images of the four lower panels depict the men and women of the services. The sailor, taking a sextant reading, represents the need for self-appraisal in changing times; the soldier, doing reconnaissance, represents the need for vigilance and foresight; the airman, preparing to take off, represents the need for dedication and trust of others to accomplish common goals. In the nurse we see compassion and concern for all humanity - a consciousness of which we must never lose sight. Designed and fabricated by Christopher Goodman and Angela Zissoff. From: Stained Glass, Spring 1996

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Inscription found on memorial

[The four top panels represent peace - the torch, moon, and dove with olive branch./Les quatre panneaux du haut représentent la paix, symbolisée par la torche, la lune et la colombe portant le rameau d’olivier.]

[The four central panels depict "In Flander’s Fields", poppies and crosses./Sur les quatre panneaux du milieu, les coquelicots et les croix rappellent le poème « Au Champ d’honneur ».]

[The four lower panels represent nursing and the three forces on guard for Canada./Les quatre panneaux du bas représentent les services infirmiers et les trois secteurs des forces armées qui assurent la protection du Canada.]



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