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Additional information and tools related to services and benefits from the Department.

Wait time tool

This tool provides current average wait times for receiving a decision on certain applications.


Current rates for allowances and other financial benefits available from Veterans Affairs Canada.


Find the forms you need to apply for programs and services offered by Veterans Affairs Canada.

Find benefits and services

This tool provides a list of benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada that are the most relevant to you.

Not sure where to start?

There are several ways to find information on programs and services at Veterans Affairs Canada.

My VAC Book

Create a services and benefits book of Veterans Affairs Canada programs that are the most relevant to you.

Benefits Navigator

Through a series of specific questions, find VAC programs and services you are eligible to receive.

Direct deposit information

How to set up or change your direct deposit payment information with Veterans Affairs Canada.

Change of address

How to change your home or mailing address with Veterans Affairs Canada.

Stay connected

Keep informed about our programs, services and events through social media channels, like Twitter and Facebook.


Find departmental and research reports and publications for programs and services.

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