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Benefits for Survivors (of Disability Pension Recipients)

Continuation of Disability Pension

When a disability pensioner dies, if he or she was pensioned at 5% or greater, the survivor will continue to receive (for a period of one year) the same Disability Pension or Prisoner of War compensation that was being paid to the pensioner. This includes any Attendance Allowance and/or Exceptional Incapacity Allowance the pensioner was receiving at the time of death. After this one year period, a survivor's pension will be automatically paid.

Survivor's Pension

A survivor's pension will be paid to the survivor of a disability pensioner commencing one year from the time of death. The pensioner's benefits continue in full for the first year.

If the pensioner was receiving a pension of 48% or greater, the survivor is entitled to a full survivor's pension. If the pensioner was receiving a pension between the 5% and 47% rate, the survivor will receive one-half of the Disability Pension that was paid to the pensioner.

Surviving spouses/surviving common-law partners who remarry will continue to receive the survivor's pension. Children and other qualified dependents may also qualify for benefits following a pensioner's death. Please contact us for more information.

Education Assistance Program

If you are a child of a deceased Veteran or Canadian Armed Forces member or Veteran, you may receive financial assistance for post-secondary education if your parent:

  • died as a result of military service;
  • or
  • had received a disability benefit of 48% or greater at the time of death.

To qualify, you must enter the program before you turn 25 years of age. This assistance cannot be extended beyond the year in which you turn 30. This support may be provided for four years or 36 academic months, whichever is less.

For more information on any of the above programs or to apply please contact us.

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