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Dr. Tilley - A Phenomenal Surgeon

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Dr. Tilley - A Phenomenal Surgeon

Those two surgeons were such phenomenal people and Ross Tilley, the Canadian, he straightened out my eyebrow and took all the scars and fixed up the face quite a bit, straightened out my fingers and got them so they would look half way decent and functional. Actually they proved to be the best thing to do because the angle was there and little stumps were there and they were gonna be no good to you so he just took all the stumps off and just left it, the forefinger to work with and then you could operate that way just as well. Probably you'd think he was close to God himself because he's such an individual that never accepted anybody that would maybe feel sorry for themselves, he wouldn't even accept that as a problem. He said, once we operate on you and literally hundreds of operations of fellows did, depending on how badly they were burnt and their hands and so forth. He inspired everybody to do it, to get out and meet with the public and decide that you're going to be able to live and go back and produce in society.

Mr. Dove expresses his admiration for Dr. Tilley regarding the level of care he provided to his patients.

Orvel Dove

Mr. Orvel Dove was born in Innisfree, Alberta November 26, 1921. After graduating from high school, Mr. Dove decided to join the air force. With the hope of becoming a pilot, Mr. Dove traveled to Regina Saskatchewan for training, received his wings and became a night-fighter pilot with the RAF 256 Squadron. On February 10, 1942, while testing aircraft, Mr. Dove was involved in an accident and convalesced at East Grinstead Hospital in England. Upon recovery, Mr. Dove spent the remainder of his war time with Ferry Command, ferrying single-engine aircraft. Later in life and because of his wonderful experiences at East Grinstead Hospital, he became a member of the Guinea Pig Club and continues to share friendships forged during those years. Mr. Dove married after the war and moved to Kamloops, British Columbia.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Orvel Dove
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Second World War
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