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Pride for the Guinea Pig Club

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Pride for the Guinea Pig Club

The way they were able to treat the badly burned people in hospital and they experiment with various treatments. Well, we wondered about it when they first decided to name the club the Guinea Pig club, you wondered about it, because it was a little different atmosphere then it was then and to explain to people what it all meant and a lot of people don't understand it still but at the same time you're proud to be able to say you're “Guinea Pigs”.

Mr. Dove shares his opinion on being called “guinea pig”.

Orvel Dove

Mr. Orvel Dove was born in Innisfree, Alberta November 26, 1921. After graduating from high school, Mr. Dove decided to join the air force. With the hope of becoming a pilot, Mr. Dove traveled to Regina Saskatchewan for training, received his wings and became a night-fighter pilot with the RAF 256 Squadron. On February 10, 1942, while testing aircraft, Mr. Dove was involved in an accident and convalesced at East Grinstead Hospital in England. Upon recovery, Mr. Dove spent the remainder of his war time with Ferry Command, ferrying single-engine aircraft. Later in life and because of his wonderful experiences at East Grinstead Hospital, he became a member of the Guinea Pig Club and continues to share friendships forged during those years. Mr. Dove married after the war and moved to Kamloops, British Columbia.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Orvel Dove
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Second World War
Air Force

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