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Peggy Brogaard - Warrior Games athlete

Warrior Games

Peggy Brogaard - Warrior Games athlete

My name is Peggy Brogaard, petty officer first class. That little voice, the first thing you say in your head is like “you don’t belong here” “you don’t deserve to put that shirt on” and then you have to sit back and go “well hold on here, I’m here and now I need to own it” and now everybody is kind of on their best behavior, minding their p’s and q’s. Second day in everyone knows everyone forever and everyone is talking about everything openly, there’s no hiding anything. That is one of the really neat things up to this point is that everyone’s’ stuff is on the table. You start realizing that you’re not alone and it’s owning your recovery process, it’s like not letting your illness define who u are, but you need to own it, don’t allow it to own you and still continue with life. I was diagnosed with an OSI and I struggled off and on with depression and anxiety, the whole gamut of stuff, but at the same time I wanted a life. I was tired of being depressed, I was tired of being isolated and alone. I was terrified to take that next step. Do I like myself? Yeah, yeah I do. I really like where my life is, I like who I am and I like my community. A message from the Government of Canada

Meet Peggy Brogaard, a Team Canada athlete competing in powerlifting, sitting volleyball and wheelchair rugby. Hear what she has to say about finding yourself in tough times.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
June 14, 2019

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