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Valentines for Vets (2020)

Minister of Veterans Affairs

Valentines for Vets (2020)

Since 1996, children across Canada have been creating Valentines for Vets. They do this to express their gratitude and share their thanks. Many schools are continuing this wonderful tradition this year. Mail us your hand-made valentines and we’ll make sure they’re given to Veterans in long-term care facilities all across Canada. The sacrifices and achievements of Canada’s Veterans allow us to live in a safe and prosperous country. Veterans deserve to be thanked for all they have done. Thank you to the students at Stratford Elementary for your participation in this year’s Valentines for Vets. I know Veterans across Canada are looking forward to receiving these special cards. Happy Valentine's Day! A message from the Government of Canada

Making valentines with your kids? Mail them to us and we’ll distribute them to Veterans in long-term care facilities across Canada.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
February 5, 2020

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