Family Means Everything

Warrior Games

Family Means Everything

The One Obstacle When I left the military, I honestly felt that there was a big break in the family. I was part of something bigger than myself and then release and you kind of just fade out. But then having these games to compete in, truly gave me this ginormous purpose again and I found my team in all my teammates and I got to share stories and it’s been very liberating and it’s been a good journey and I can’t ask for a better partner who has been there the whole time. I guess me seeing that sense of motivation come back has been so key because you know that you’re being released and you kind of go ‘what do I do with myself’. He would get fitter and stronger, have more energy and that motivation and that purpose was there and it’s just been so great to watch this transformation and this excitement for the games. I was really excited to see him compete in the Warrior Games, seeing him cycling. Being really proud of him because he’s one of my biggest forces that I could use to train myself. Like using, soccer he would always be by my side, he would be everything for me. Everything in my career, everything I do it’s not just for me but it’s for my family, my boys and my daughter. Today especially at the end of the cycling race seeing them everytime was really amazing. I could hear all of them cheering me which on top of everyone that was there it was just heartwarming. I can’t come up with all the words that it described. When I finished knowing I was going to get to see them. When I got to see Jen I just broke down. The race was over for 10 minutes but that moment was very special. It doesn’t matter what challenges life presents you, the only obstacle between you and where you want to be is yourself. We all have it in ourselves to overcome anything that we have. A message from the government of Canada

Family means everything to Rob, hear what his wife and son have to say about him and his Warrior Games journey. #DODwarriorgames2019 #SoldierOn #AdaptOvercome Soldier On / Sans Limites

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