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My legs gave out on me

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My legs gave out on me

I was old enough to join the Army. My mother had come back from the hospital, and my father too. So, I was only about, what, 16, no 17 I guess, near 18. I asked her if she’d let me to go join the Army, and I said you could get the money from me, and I’d be working, make some money. So, she let me go, and I joined the Army and from then on I was in the Army. I was in Fredericton for a month, for just, you know, just getting into the Army. Then they gave me basic training. They sent me to Edmunston. I was in Edmunston for two months, and from there they gave me advanced training, and they sent me to Nova Scotia, Aldershot, Nova Scotia. I was there for two months. Then, after two months, they sent me overseas. And I, we landed in Liverpool, and from Liverpool we went to camp, staging camp they called it, a place called Whitley, Whitley Camp, and we stayed there, we trained. That’s all we done is train, you know, for front. And then, after a while my legs gave out on me. So when they did, they asked me if I wanted to drive. I said, "Sure," so they sent me to Ordinance Corp, which is Borden, England. They gave me ten days course, and then, from then on, I started driving, driving all over the place in England, different ports. Go after the vehicle, take them in an Ordinance Depot and they’d waterproof them to use for invasion. And that’s, that’s about all I did.

Mr. Moulton describes his steps from basic training in New Brunswick to driving a truck for the Ordinance Corps in England.

Donald Moulton

Mr. Moulton was born in Tobique, New Brunswick on March 29, 1923. As both of his parents were ill, he lived with relatives and attended different schools. Unable to find work in Canada, Mr. Moulton worked in the United States in both the lumbering and manufacturing businesses as a seasonal employee. He enlisted in the Army and shipped overseas as an infantryman. However, after developing foot problems, Mr. Moulton was transferred to the Ordinance Corps where he served as a truck driver for four years, transporting goods throughout Great Britain. In 2005, he took part in the Aboriginal Spiritual Journey to France and Belgium. Mr. Moulton currently resides in Tobique, New Brunswick.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Donald Moulton
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Second World War
Ordinance Corps
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