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Bringing their souls back home

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Bringing their souls back home

It was a good trip. The only thing I said was, it was tiring. I was all played out. I was over there 13 days and no rest, just kept right on going, because they had to do that. There was too many of us. There were 300 of us, and then we were on the go all the time and we were very tired. At first, I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to go because I... too far, too much trouble. And then I got to thinking it over. I might as well go. I can do this much for them after they lost their lives for us. So I went over there and nobody else... there was nobody else that could go or would go. So I thought I had to go. I was the only one left. So I went anyway, me and Peter Sap here. And we went over there and seen the place where they landed, where they lost their lives and stuff like that. Pray for them that were lost over there. What my journey was was to bring their souls back over here. So, that’s what we done. Well how, I don’t know how, but like I said that's what I was supposed to do and I just done what I could do. And whatever happens, you know, spiritually or whatever, I done it. And I had to do what they wanted us to do. We gathered round that Memorial, Memorial Stone, and all their names is on there. And then we landed and we left the wreaths there. And that's about all that happened. There's nothing, any special. There was a lot of people. We'd gather, and they'd call your name out to grab the wreath and take it up to the stone, Memorial Stone. There's how many, four, five people killed over there, and I did trying to find them, find their tombstones but we couldn't find them. There's one fellow looked for us, looking to find out people, and then they found one way over there, Sanford Saulis, quite a ways from where we were. We couldn't go see his stone, but they found his. All the rest, they couldn't find.

Mr. Moulton describes a spiritual journey to Europe to reclaim the souls of his friends.

Donald Moulton

Mr. Moulton was born in Tobique, New Brunswick on March 29, 1923. As both of his parents were ill, he lived with relatives and attended different schools. Unable to find work in Canada, Mr. Moulton worked in the United States in both the lumbering and manufacturing businesses as a seasonal employee. He enlisted in the Army and shipped overseas as an infantryman. However, after developing foot problems, Mr. Moulton was transferred to the Ordinance Corps where he served as a truck driver for four years, transporting goods throughout Great Britain. In 2005, he took part in the Aboriginal Spiritual Journey to France and Belgium. Mr. Moulton currently resides in Tobique, New Brunswick.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Donald Moulton
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Second World War
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