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We came back on December, around 20th of December. Holy gee, we docked in Halifax again, just before we went to the port. It was nice and sunny. Boy, talk about beautiful country. All sun shining. Boy, it was real nice. And we got to the port, geez, a lot of people came down to meet us. Put stuff, a lot of Red Cross, put some socks, stuff like that, cigarettes in our pockets, ‘cause we don’t have... we had a lot of equipment, so they were, we were well, we were used good when we came back. Glad to be home. You go out there, you know everybody, and everybody talks to you good. Nobody is any better than you are, we’re all equal. That’s what’s good about it. That’s why, that’s the reason I never want to move out of here. Teacher asked me one time, “Would you like to move out of reserve?” I said, “No.” He said, “Why?” I told him why, just like I told you. We’re all equal and nobody’s looked down on me. It’s nice and this is a beautiful place, between the two rivers. Beautiful place.

Mr. Moulton describes returning home and his lasting love of his home in Tobique.

Donald Moulton

Mr. Moulton was born in Tobique, New Brunswick on March 29, 1923. As both of his parents were ill, he lived with relatives and attended different schools. Unable to find work in Canada, Mr. Moulton worked in the United States in both the lumbering and manufacturing businesses as a seasonal employee. He enlisted in the Army and shipped overseas as an infantryman. However, after developing foot problems, Mr. Moulton was transferred to the Ordinance Corps where he served as a truck driver for four years, transporting goods throughout Great Britain. In 2005, he took part in the Aboriginal Spiritual Journey to France and Belgium. Mr. Moulton currently resides in Tobique, New Brunswick.

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Veterans Affairs Canada
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Donald Moulton
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Second World War
Ordinance Corps
Truck Driver

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